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We help navigate the 'red-tape' that slows building, renovation or expansion.

We leverage our knowledge, experience and relationships to ensure nothing stands betwenn your business and a completed project that shouldn't.

Case Studies

Morrell Oversize

Ordinance Amendment, CUP

After identifying a site for their expansion, DG successfully rezoned the 4 acre property, and obtained a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) for Morrell Oversize's 13,421 sq. ft. facility. Both approvals were necessary for the project to break ground.

Steinbrecher Companies

Ordinance Amendment

We have found that often community zoning ordinances may be out of date, and not reflect the current needs of the market. In working with Steinbrecher & Companies, we identified a need to not only define the use of their business, but to expand the current zoning ordinance county wide, to permit contractor's yards as an interim use. DG worked closely with the company and the county's Planning & Zoning department for nearly a year to craft new ordinance language to not only fit the needs of the company, the county as a whole.

Lake State Recycling

Ordinance Amendment, CUP

Upon obtaining a Conditional Use Permit to operate their business out of a new location, a myriad of challenges surfaced as it related to the conditions attached to their permit. It was necessary to work closely with the community and elected officials to re-evaluate the existing definitions and credits provided for landscaping, while ensuring additional landscaping requirements were fair, and specific to the site. DG worked closely with the community and officials to amend the zoning ordinance and business's CUP to adequately reflect the site, and meet the needs of both the business and community. This process ultimately saved the business money, and allowed them to maximize their space, thus resulting in maximum output and efficiency.

GATR Truck Center

Variance, Ordinance Amendment, CUP

Once two adjoining sites were identified, there were numerous land use and zoning processes requiring approval before the business could close on the property.  In conjunction with incentive application, Decklan Group successfully applied for, and received approval for the following:

  • Ordinance Amendment - the Elk River City Code did not allow truck sales as a permitted use in their commercial zoning district; Decklan Group was able articulate the importance of truck sales in commercial zoning, and successfully amended the city’s ordinance to conditionally permit truck sales the C-3 district
  • Conditional Use Permit - a CUP was required for GATR to operate on the premises
  • Rezoning - one of the parcels needed to be rezoned from industrial to commercial
  • Variance - to maintain competitiveness, GATR proposed a 32-foot tall pylon Volvo sign as part of their project; Decklan Group was able to obtain a variance to allow for the sign height

Granite Shores

Ordinance Amendment, CUP

Granite Shores is a 4-story, mixed use building, located in the heart of downtown Elk River, in between the Mississippi River and US HWY 10. To assist in promoting their commercial space (1st floor) and 67 apartment units (2nd-4th floors), Granite Shores approached Decklan Group about obtaining the necessary permits through the city to install a 79 square foot digital sign on the building. This project began in 2013, and wrapped up in 2017. Through this process, Decklan Group worked to amend the downtown district sign ordinance, amend the definition of stringcourse (benefitting the entire downtown), and obtain a CUP to allow for the sign to be installed.

Distinctive Iron


Once Distinctive Iron identified a site for their expansion, it was necessary to obtain a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) for outside storage. Once obtained, the company was able to operate their business out of an industrial park in Elk River.

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