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What has become one of Minnesota's fastest growing breweries first approached Decklan Group before opening their doors in 2014. What began as a couple "garage guys" made its transition to "just a strip mall brewery" and quickly established a foothold with high quality products and strong community involvement. The craft brewery retained DG to assist with financial and real estate strategy and they continue to exceed their own growth projections.

Project Elements

Financial Incentives, CUP

$391,970 Total Incentives
$4.1 Million Capital Investment
33 Jobs
$21,000 Tax Base
22,500 Sq. Feet

After partnering with Decklan Group, Lupulin was able to transition from a few thousand square foot lease tenant, to owning an entire 22,500 sqare foot building, more than quadrupling their production capacity along the way. What has become a nearly $5MM expansion project was made possible through a variety of partnerships, including: the City of Big Lake, Sherburne County, Initiative Foundation and the USDA. Decklan Group was able to secure a combination of low-interest loans, grants and tax incentives which totaled nearly $392,000.

Today, Lupulin has breathed new life into a space that had been vacant in Big Lake for over a decade, and has established itself as a community champion.They host countless events and fundraisers, bringing thousands of people into the community each year. Already one of the Top 30 fastest growing breweries in the country, Lupulin looks to move up several notches when their full expansion comes online in Q1 2019.

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