Capital Investment $6.7 million

40 JOBS · $156K TAX BASE · 54,400 SQ FT

P&F approached Decklan Group with a desire to expand their family-owned precision machining facility.  With over 33 years in the business, P&F's first priority was securing a site within the Northwest Metro.

We identified a large parcel recently lost to tax forfeiture ideally suited to P&F's use.  Working closely with local government officials, the land was acquired out of forfeiture.  Decklan Group worked to negotiate a financial package nearing $1,000,000 to assist the company in dealing with property assessments and the cost of a necessary road extension to access the property.  This project was the poster child for Decklan Group working closely with a business and local units of government to make sure all parties benefited as much as possible from the project. 

This project is slated to be complete in late 2016.