Decklan Group Newsletter - May 2016

Community Coming Together

We generally reserve the opening paragraph of our newsletters for big project announcements, awards and accolades, or press we've recently received.  This time, we're doing things a little different.  We're giving our prime real estate to a local non-profit event.


In two days, Decklan Group, our friends, neighbors, and partners will be rolling up our sleeves to help combat childhood hunger.  The event headed by the group Feed My Starving Children, and organized and hosted by our friends at Sportech has a goal of packing 100,000 meals in a single 8 hour period.  To reach the 100,000 meal goal, at least 500 packers are needed to donate two hours of their time.


These meals are formulated for malnourished children and will be distributed throughout the world to operate orphanages, schools, clinics, and feeding programs to help break the cycle of poverty.  We can't think of a single more fundamental need than that of food for a child.  We will be their donating both our time, and our money alongside many other like-minded people.  We would love to see you there!