Economic development consulting has brought us projects big and small.  We have worked with small businesses with only a few employees, as well as large nationally recognized brands.  No matter the size of the economic development project, or how deep the pockets of our client, we take pride in working efficiently, deliberately, and tirelessly to deliver results.  Below is a small sampling of some of our recent projects that were willing to share their stories.  We are thankful to these companies and their owners for allowing us to share their information and at the same time respect all of our wonderful clients who wish to keep their information private.  

Capital Investment $6.7 million

40 JOBS · $156K TAX BASE · 54,400 SQ FT

P&F approached Decklan Group with a desire to expand their family-owned precision machining facility.  With over 33 years in the business, P&F's first priority was securing a site within the Northwest Metro.

We identified a large parcel recently lost to tax forfeiture ideally suited to P&F's use.  Working closely with local government officials, the land was acquired out of forfeiture.  Decklan Group worked to negotiate a financial package nearing $1,000,000 to assist the company in dealing with property assessments and the cost of a necessary road extension to access the property.  This project was the poster child for Decklan Group working closely with a business and local units of government to make sure all parties benefited as much as possible from the project. 

This project is slated to be complete in late 2016.


Capital Investment $12.5 million

63 JOBS · $160K TAX BASE · 42,912 SQ FT

GATR Volvo approached Decklan Group wanting to expand their business with a new location. GATR currently had locations in Sauk Rapids, MN - Des Moines, IA, and Cedar Rapids, IA.  The new location was to be a flagship store, with over 40,000 square feet of indoor space along with over 10 acres of outdoor display area.  Decklan Group worked to find an ideal site for GATR in Elk River, MN bringing more than 60 high paying jobs to the local economy, along with $160,000 in annual tax revenue.  With this project, Decklan Group was able to obtain economic development incentives totaling nearly $1,000,000.  The site was rezoned, and a CUP was obtained for the new GATR project.  Decklan Group also successfully piloted a signage variance allowing GATR to add an additional 20 feet in height to their proposed signage enabling greater visibility and branding opportunity.   

Capital Investment $9 million

276 JOBS · $215K TAX BASE · 105,000 SQ FT

Sportech Inc, and it's parent company Envision Companies approached Decklan Group with a desire to expand their wildly successful motor sports accessory manufacturing facility.  With strong ties to their current home and roots in the form of two existing facilities, Sportech's first priority was securing a site within close proximity to the current company headquarters.  

Decklan Group identified an available and feasible 13.95 acre site by combining two smaller lots and piloting a rezoning through the local government.  Through various programs we were able to secure over $1.28 million for this new 105,000 square foot facility.  The project was completed early in 2016 and is helping the local economy retain 204 jobs and add more than 72 more.  


Capital Investment $2.4 million

113 JOBS · $35K TAX BASE · 13,241 SQ FT

Morrell Companies approached Decklan Group as a second generation family business bursting at the seems.  They needed a needed a new location that would allow them to grow their oversize trucking business in close proximity to their current location.

Decklan Group worked closely with Morrell to navigate the local government process of rezoning an adjacent 4.08 acre lot which would allow them to expand in the fashion that made financial sense.  Helping the local economy maintain 105 jobs, while adding at least 8 more allowed Decklan Group to secure over $400,000 in financial incentives for this project. 


Capital Investment $6.2 million

42 Jobs · $220k in tax base· 100,000 sq Ft

One of the premier powder coating facilities in the country, Preferred Powder Coating, came to Decklan Group in search of a new home.  Our firm assisted PPC in selecting a property for development in Elk River, MN.  Due to challenging nature of the selected lot, the size of their business and the jobs they created, Decklan Group was able to secure $1,450,000 in financial incentives for their project.  Our firm also represented and navigated PPC through numerous public hearings for planning and zoning, as well as wetland mitigation negotiations with the DNR.  This was the cornerstone project for Elk River's new Nature's Edge Business Center and was highlighted in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal.


Capital Investment $1.3 million

42 JOBS · $20k tax base · 18,000 sq ft

Alliance Machine approached Decklan Group wanting to expand their current building, nearly doubling the footprint to increase capacity.  Our firm steered AMI towards the city's Forgivable Loan Fund which unlocked $200,000 in fully forgivable financial incentives.  This huge expansion allowed the city to retain 36 aerospace and defense manufacturing jobs, while adding a minimum of 6 new positions over the next two years.  Along with the additional floor space, AMI funded the purchase of a new FMS cell to increase their capabilities and allow them to compete with third world manufacturing prices harnessing the power of automation.  Alliance Machine is also home to IPI Industries Midwest, and the parent company of


Capital Investment $1.8 million

27 Jobs · $21k tax base · 25,000 sq ft

Our firm was retained by UMA Precision Machining to bring additional incentives to the table for their new building.  UMA more than doubled the size of their previous building and along with that came a near doubling of their employees.  With the additional tax base that this project brought to the Zimmerman community, Decklan Group was able to capitalize on nearly $100,000 in local incentives.  UMA continues to work with Decklan Group to this day, utilizing our services to obtain training grants to further their staff education and provide community outreach to the local high-school.