Decklan Group is a small, extremely knowledgeable, and results oriented Economic Development and Social Media consulting firm based out of the greater Minneapolis area. We are passionate about what we do and that passion translates into results. To attempt and summarize what it is we do for small businesses, would be an injustice to what we have done for small businesses.  With experience in nearly every facet of business expansion, relocation, financing incentives, government processes, social media, and small budget marketing...if your business has an itch, we can usually scratch it.

To be honest, what Decklan Group does for businesses cannot be neatly packaged in a little box with a bow on top, which is why all of our clients love us!  We are the ones with answers to their questions, and solutions to their problems.  A fresh pair of eyes with the knowledge, experience, and connections to make things happen.  

Follow our blog and you will learn more about what exactly we do for our clients, and the communities they call home!