Don't Deliver a Product - Deliver an Experience.

It has been roughly three months since I began interning with

Decklan Group

, so I decided to write a blog addressing some of the things that I have learned thus far. The most important thing that I have learned working with Annie and Tim is the importance of good relationships. Even though I am not currently in Elk River, and have been working remotely from Duluth, I can see the relationships that




have developed with not only their clients, but other businesses and non-profits in their area.

I have learned how vital it is to have good relationships with not only your clients, but everyone you work with. Relationships are imperative, especially in a smaller community when it is inevitable that you will interact with these businesses and individuals again. While writing this, I keep thinking of a quote that I once saw that said “The best advertising isn’t advertising” and realizing how much this applies now. This means that the best advertising may not be paying money for advertisements in magazines or billboards, but by branding yourself as a reliable and efficient company through the work you provide to your clients. Provide them an experience worth repeating. Word of mouth advertising by others who have interacted with your company is truly the best advertising. In the age of technology and with a majority of our business being done over the computer and through emails, I realize that truly connecting and forming relationships with clients is incredibly important.

Another thing that has stuck out to me over the past three months of interning is the importance of being honest and transparent with clients. While similar to forming good relationships, honesty and transparency is key to a successful relationship with your client. I remember one meeting I had with Annie where she said she enjoyed her role because it not only allowed her to help people, but helped identify additional resources to make their dream a reality. She also indicated that she would not take up a project that she thought was unattainable, or would tell her client that a certain project may not be feasible. Often times, it can be tough for businesses to get a straight answer and know exactly what others are thinking, however Decklan Group provides the honesty and resources that businesses need. To me, this was really refreshing and I started to learn the true value of being as open and transparent with clients, co-workers, and companies.

These are only two things that I have taken away so far from my time at Decklan Group. Forming strong relationships and being honest are things that I will be able to apply both professionally and personally. They may seem pretty obvious, but Annie and Tim have truly given me a sense of what it means to do good business.

Something even cooler? I will get to practice these traits over and over again because you are now reading the blog of someone who will be working full time with

Decklan Group

upon her graduation in December! :) I am so excited to continue working with Tim and Annie after graduation, and I hope you are excited to continue hearing more from me.