Summer Blog Series Rambling of the Intern: FINAL Blog

During the course of my ten weeks with Decklan Group I have already learned, what seems like, enough information to run a business, I could probably teach a class on it. I’ve learned about how maintaining good relationships is what keeps you in business. You always want to go above and beyond the expectations of your clients. If you do a fantastic job for your clients it not only will bring you more business from them, they will also recommend your company to everyone they know. The amount of money you have to spend on marketing will, at least, be cut in half if you maintain your relationships.

Annie and Tim are the prime example of successful entrepreneurs. In their lives they saw a service that wasn’t being fulfilled and they got in that market. Their attitude, work ethic, and knowledge have and will continue to improve their company. Many people see the work they have achieved and they want their expertise. Decklan Group is only three years old but they already have more opportunities than they do time.

My time at Decklan Group has involved much interaction with the city of Elk River. I have learned so much about this proud community. I have met the people, seen the festivals, eaten their cuisine, and experienced Elk River. Learning about the city and county government has been very insightful of how the U.S. government works. I have observed the processes in achieving success through bureaucracy. My understandings of how to get things done in government has been enhanced and I now see the importance in thoroughness.

I have learned so much from Decklan Group and experienced so many things. I went to conferences, city council meetings, toured manufacturing facilities, groundbreakings, and met with many wonderful clients. I spent many days in the office but an equal amount out and about. I created databases, got interviewed by the local paper, created newsletters, and operated software. This summer has been a wonderful learning experience. I truly loved every minute of my time with Decklan Group and I am sad that my semester is starting soon. Decklan Group is a company with integrity and I am excited to reach out to them again after I graduate.