Summer Blog Series Rambling of the Intern: 6 of 10

"Successful people keep taking action...they make mistakes, but they don't quit."

One thing I have been learning all my life is how to be proactive instead of reactive. In any given situation, your reactions will determine the outcome. However, have you ever encountered a situation where you have no idea how to react? Often when I was faced with these situations I would be beating myself up for not being prepared enough and this would cause quite a headache.

For example, in my Current Economic Issues course I was involved in a debate. This debate was regarding minimum wage and I had quite a case to abolish it. The issue that I ran into, is that I was so focused on my point of view that I didn’t prepare for any counter argument, or research any popular counter arguments to my viewpoint. This resulted in me being stumped as soon as my opponent brought up how 75% of Americans are in favor of a minimum wage increase. This was one of these counter arguments I didn’t bother to research and I was left speechless. Needless to say I lost the debate after my opponent brought up several other arguments I hadn’t prepared for.

This summer, Decklan Group has shown how beneficial it is to be proactive. With their economic development clients, Annie and Tim complete all required paperwork and have all of the facts to back up their client, prior to any staff or public meetings. Recently, at a public meeting, one of their clients was seeking approval on tax abatement. While staff was presenting the application, an incorrect tax amount was provided, which began to cause confusion regarding their client's request. Annie heard this mistake as soon as it was mentioned, and had the correct numbers on hand immediately to rectify the situation. Decklan Group is a team that is great at problem solving and if given enough heads up, can help you out, regardless of your situation.

This summer, I have learned that many people possess the same reactive quality that I used to have. They will get themselves in situations, dig themselves into holes and are faced with reactive decisions which support reaching their intended goal. These problems can easily be avoided if they would have taken extra time to be proactive and prepared for the situation.

As a business owner, while you are running your company, will you react to a faulty situation or will you be proactive and get help prior to a dilemma? Reactive actions are something I no longer struggle with thanks to Decklan Group.