Summer Blog Series Ramblings of the Intern: 5 of 10

“People will forget what you said. People will forget what you did.  But people will never forget how you made them feel.” 

This summer has shown me the importance of building and maintaining relationships and friendships to grow your business. Creating a new business from the ground up is difficult, however it is nearly impossible to do so without enlisting the help of people you meet along the way.

Every Decklan Group client I’ve spoken with the summer has shared with me the huge impact Decklan Group has had on their company. Similarly, my bosses have mimicked that sentiment and value the way those clients have helped shape their company and pave a path to continued success. It’s clear, that the relationship built between consultant and client benefits both parties, in this instance.

Having “a guy for that,” be it a friend, a group, or another business is what makes success possible. No one is an expert in everything, and the true measure of an entrepreneur is knowing when to seek good counsel. It may sound silly, simple, and cliché, but what I have learned this summer is that having friends pays off.

Shaking someone’s hand and exchanging business cards is not the end-game, maintaining a relationship is just as important as developing one. You have to keep in contact with those partners, even if you seldom need something from them. It’s a process of cultivating a relationship, valuing that dynamic and not treating it as a commodity.

Nourishing a genuine relationship based on trust and mutual respect with your clients is what brings your company from being mediocre to great. There is a saying that is often pushed aside in today’s digital world of impersonal, I need it right now, attitudes and that is; “People do business with people they like.” My summer internship is showing me just how valuable and true that is.