Summer Blog Series Ramblings of the Intern: 4 of 10

Our intern Steven had the privilege of attending a recent MNDEED seminar on Brownfield Development, and learned about many funding opportunities available in the always exciting world of economic development.  

Are you looking for a new place to move your business? Found the perfect property for your craft brewery, but it's filled with hazardous material? Is that run down gas station in the perfect location, but you don't have the money to redevelop the site? Don't worry, there's grant money available to help!

A building or parcel of land that is thought to be contaminated by hazardous waste or pollution (i.e.: an old laundromat or gas station) is called a brownfield site. Often times, you may come across these types of properties when seeking a new site for your business. Cleaning up these sites can be costly, however there are several grant opportunities to help with situations like these.

The MN Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) offers a program to evaluate the brownfield site and conduct the first few phases of assessment, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) offers three grant programs that offer from $400,000 to $1,000,000, and the MN Department of Employment and Economic Development offers redevelopment grants up to $500,000, loans that cover demolition and a clean-up grant that covers up to 75% of clean-up costs. While you (the business) can't directly apply for these funds, the local unit of government can - and we can just about guarantee they'd love to help you get rid of a blighted property!

Moral of the story? If the site below is a perfect site for your business, don't run away; there's more than likely a program available for you.

Just ask Surly Brewing; they turned a blighted property into their beautiful destination craft brewery! If you have questions, ask us; we'd love to assist you.