Summer Blog Series - Ramblings of the Intern: 3 of 10


My summer internship at Decklan Group has brought me to Elk River. Deciding where I would commute from was important in the use of my time and finances. I live in Mankato, my parents live in Stacy, and my future in-laws live in Big lake. Mankato is 103 miles from Elk River, Stacy is 45 miles, and Big Lake is 11; the choice of my residence was obvious. Nancy and Gary decided to graciously take me in free of rent, while also offering me three full meals a day, and my own bedroom. This offer was optimal, so I took it. 

My first full month living there has been completed and I have a month and a half to go. To summarize my experience thus far in one word, it would be: nostalgic. Since graduating high school I have been growing up rather hastily; moving out, going to college, paying rent, supporting myself financially (somewhat) and emotionally, working full-time, getting engaged, doing my own laundry, preparing my own meals, and other various adult activities. All of these things that I’ve done have created new-found stress and frankly, I’m not sure how anyone can function as an adult. These last two years have created change and moving to my fiance's parent’s house has been unburdening. The responsibilities of adulthood have lessened, but not diminished entirely.

Some of the pros of moving in with your in-laws, in my experience, is they will treat you just as good, if not better, than their children. They constantly make sure you have enough to eat. In-laws are willing to provide financial and emotional support if needed, but are not too overbearing.

The cons of moving in with in-laws are identical to moving back home with your parents. You must follow the rules set by whomever is in charge of the house, except with your in-laws you are exempt from the rules to a certain extent. The largest con that is prevalent, which might not even be considered a con, is the fact that you are moving in with people you know very little about and their set of house rules are seldom the ones you grew up with. This unfamiliarity can provide slightly awkward situations and conversations. However, seeing as I am marrying their daughter, I think this summer has, and will continue to be, an important bonding time with some of the people my fiancee holds most dear.

If you are moving home, with in-laws, or to another city for an internship I have one warning for you. Try your best to sublease your old apartment, living in one place and paying for another is both worrisome and expensive. Living 103 miles from my apartment creates constant fear for me. Not knowing if your stuff is okay, stolen, or even if your apartment is on fire often keeps me up at night. Just as annoying is the fact that I am not living at my apartment for the last 3 months of my lease yet I am still coughing up $280 per month. That is $840 of my summer’s income that is spend on essentially a storage space. A fact that disturbs me greatly is that I know many people pay much more than $280/month for rent.

Overall this summer has been a fantastic learning experience, my internship has made my skills gained in college applicable to the real world. A greater benefit however, has been getting to know my future family.