Summer Blog Series - Ramblings of the Intern: 2 of 10

The beginning of my internship has been interesting to say the least. Experiences and wonderful people have been around every corner, enhancing my journey. My first week with Annie and Tim began with one day in the office being shown the ropes. Immediately after that we headed up to Duluth for the Economic Development Association of Minnesota (EDAM) for their summer conference. While up there I met economic development teams from all over the state: MN Department of Employment and Economic Development (MNDEED) staff, government leaders, engineering firms and many others.. The EDAM conference not only was a wonderful social experience but helped me tie together many of the questions I had. I listened to important MNDEED updates, participated in quite a few idea interchanges, received incredible amounts of motivation from Pascha Apter, CEO of Giant Voices and heard a wonderful speech delivered by Duluth’s mayor, Don Ness. My first week with Decklan Group helped develop my understanding of how important our company is. Simultaneously it showed me how many people and groups are involved in helping Minnesota continue to grow and prosper.

I started my second week at Decklan Group with my confidence leagues ahead of where it was just a short week ago. I was assigned several to complete and began to diving into my work. I began by researching and learning about all the incentive programs available for new and existing business. This task was very intimidating in regard to the amount of incentives out there, and the in-depth analysis I needed to conduct to fully comprehend each one.

Next, I began putting together a newsletter outlining our services, available incentives and resources, and recent Decklan Group projects for our clients. This is crucial for not only top of mind awareness, but to ensure our clients are aware of the variety of services we perform and of new and upcoming incentives they may be eligible for.

It seems as though I have my work cut out for me these next few months. Hard work is in store for me but I am optimistic about it. There are so many ways I will be able to assist businesses in expanding, it truly is going to be a fulfilling summer. I am excited for what I can contribute but also for what I am going to learn.