Summer Blog Series - Ramblings of the Intern: 1 of 10

Born into a family with eight siblings, it’s hard finding one’s identity. Throughout my life, I have been striving to create my individuality. In my family, there is one of every type of person and discovering who I was has always been elusive. I knew only a few things upon graduating high school in 2012: I didn’t want to live in poverty, I wanted a successful career that I enjoyed, and I loved my significant other with every fiber of my being.

During high school, I started attending Anoka Ramsey Community College through Minnesota’s great Post Secondary Enrollment (PSEO) Option program. Upon receiving my high school diploma, I was undecided of a major so I continued to get my associate’s degree while simultaneously paying off my student loans. At ARCC I took an intro economics class which sparked my fascination with the subject. A friend of mine convinced me to attend MNSU so I decided to accompany him on that adventure.

I started off as an International Business major because I wanted to be wealthy and travel the world. However, as I took more of the core business classes I found there was more for me in economics. The economics advisor compared me switching majors equal to upgrading from a Dodge Charger to a Ferrari.

Not long after that, I fell in love with a woman who I have since asked to marry me. My fiancé and I are happily planning a wedding, while both of us work and I finish my degree. This spring I applied for an internship with Decklan Group and they graciously accepted me as their pupil. My ten weeks at Decklan Group are going to be filled with learning, applying knowledge obtained from school, as well as both Annie and Tim, interacting with clients, and developing skills that will skyrocket my career in more ways than I can fathom.

With Decklan Group this summer I hope to provide a fresh pair of eyes to all of their accomplishments. I would like to increase efficiency (if that’s even possible), fine tune my skills, and experience real-world situations that will be hugely beneficial to local economies. Attending MNSU helped me find the love of my life. My time at Decklan Group is the beginning of my successful career, which will in turn help me not live in poverty. I accomplished one goal of mine on my own, but the others will be accomplished with the help of Annie and