Are You Taking Part in the Tour?

We’re biased towards manufacturers- obviously; they make up the majority of Decklan Group clients. However, they provide so much more to our economy and great state of Minnesota; products, tax base and a ridiculous amount of well-paying jobs. In fact, according to Dream it, Do it, a collaborative grassroots effort between Minnesota manufacturers who want to increase awareness and education about their industry, one out of every seven jobs in MN are tied to manufacturing. Additionally,
  • The average salary of a manufacturing job in MN is $56,316, compared to the average MN job which pays $45,052 
  • There are over 3,000 manufacturing job openings EVERY YEAR in the state 
  • One manufacturing job creates nearly two additional jobs in supporting industries 
  • MN provides 292,078 careers in manufacturing; making up 13% of MN jobs 
The 2014 Statewide Tour of Manufacturing is October 23-25 this year, and manufacturers all over Minnesota are opening their facilities to the community. Parents and teachers- this is an excellent opportunity to bring in your kids and students to learn about the potential of a career in manufacturing. Four year degrees aren’t for everyone, and manufacturing facilities have transformed over the years, from dark, dingy places, to state of the art facilities.

There are so many innovative, and quite frankly, cool things that are made in Minnesota; from Salted Nut Rolls, Bit-O-Honey and Nut Goodies made at Pearson Candy Company in St. Paul, to extended run generator systems made by IPI Industries and sold by GenXDirect, both located in the Northwest Metro.

Click here to find a tour in your area, and if you’re a manufacturer interested in providing a tour, click here. Manufacturers across the state are having difficulty finding skilled employees and that’s a problem that needs to go away! Encouraging our kids to explore a career in manufacturing is the least we can do to help support the sustainability of this industry.