6 Tips for OWNING Your Google Image Results

There is always talk about SEO. After all, SEO is important whether you're a business, an organization, a city, or a government. What people see when they enter your name into Google and click "search" will be their impression of what you offer, what you stand for, and how you conduct business. What do those search results say about you, your town, your business?

Today I wanted to talk about an often overlooked portion of SEO, Google Images. As the digital world becomes faster and more user friendly, rich media content is becoming more prevalent. 235,000 photos per minute. Staggering number isn't it? That number represents a SMALL FRACTION of what is uploaded to the web. 235,000 photos per minute only includes Facebook and Instagram! When was the last time you looked to see what those images say about you?

People are turning more and more to image searches to find information. Review sites, infographics, Slideshare, Social Media sites, and news outlets are powering the results they see. It's time for you to take ownership of those results. Below are six tips I have practiced not only with my own business, but also with clients (both business and municipal).
  1. Be Social - This should come as no surprise, but social media has an uncanny amount of power in Google Images. Use applicable CUSTOM images for your posts as much as possible. 
  2. Be a Pinning Fool - I don't care if your business sells custom yarn or aged t-bones, you need to be on Pinterest. Pinning offers you more control and customization of your posts, their content, and where they direct people than any other social medium. In my experience, Pinterest has the largest impact in Google Images. 
  3. Be Original - I see so many businesses and municipalities use stock images, memes, and "borrowed" infographics for their social and blog posts. Why? Everyone in your office has a phone with a camera. There are thousands of applications to help you build infographics. Your archives are no doubt rich with images CREATED by your company. USE THEM. When someone Google's your company, do you want them to see the same image as they see for everyone else, or do you want them to see something that captures the essence of your group, something that will pique their interest and stick in their mind. 
  4. Blog - I won't beat a dead horse here, you know you need to blog, and many of you are. Use that space! Tell your stories in pictures. Include applicable, memorable images branded with your company logo whenever possible. Nerds like me like reading, however, many people enjoy pictures more. Add more photos to your blog posts. Not only will they help you own your Google results, they also may gain you some new followers. 
  5. Ask for Help - Many times, your top results in Google Images will be your most "viral" past social posts. Be sure to ask people to share your great photos and posts. Send out emails to your subscriber list highlighting some of your most popular social or blog content and LINK THEM. The more it's shared, the more it's read, the more important it is to those always meddling Google Bots. 
  6. Update your Website - It is 2014 ladies and gentleman. We have 4G LTE service on our phones, we can stream video while rock-climbing or using the bathroom on a 747 at 50,000 feet. Does your video take advantage of that speed? How many images are on your site? Videos? People connect with stories and pitches made with visuals, so add some more to your site. You'll enjoy higher conversion and more ranking power on Google Images. As with social above, be sure to use original photos. Hire a great professional photographer like this guy. It is well worth the investment. 
The image is a screen shot of our company's results, which were built on the strategy and tips I outlined above. What's your impression? Everyone of these images link to one of our digital assets be it our website, our blog, our social media, etc.

This is what your Google Image search results should look like. If someone takes the time to Google your company name, you are given the opportunity to tell your story...make the most of it.

I would love to hear some feedback, and even some ideas and tips you may have that I missed!