Tag! You're it! Another FREE Facebook Tip

This week Facebook announced a small change in its EdgeRank algorithm which could reward you handsomely if you use it correctly. In a press release on its developer site Facebook informed users that the act of tagging another page in your page’s post may increase your exposure. The beauty of this change is that not only will it increase your reach; it will potentially let you reach people who are not already fans of your page.

You have always had the ability as a page to tag another page in your posts. Many people do this to credit another page for content, or to let people know there is something there worth visiting. In the past, the only people who truly benefited from these tags were the pages being tagged. Well this week that all changed.

Facebook will now give the page who tags another page some reciprocal exposure. The algorithm will give you credit for tagging another page by showing your posts to a select percentage of the pages followers in their News Feed. For example, if Subway tags Lay’s Potato Chips in one of their posts, Subway will benefit from a percentage of Lay’s fans seeing Subway’s posts.

How should this change your strategy? Well you’ll be tagging pages with huge fan bases like crazy, right? WRONG. Facebook is not going to make it that easy to “Spam” other page’s fans with this tool. They are monitoring its use to make sure it is used in context and responsibly. They want this to benefit the fans, the users. They believe that if your page has something in common with the page you are tagging, then fans may potentially have an interest in what you’re saying. So, use this new arrow in your quiver the right way. Tag more, yes, however, tag with discretion and make sure there is a good reason for the tag.

As with all things in social media, you are rewarded for sharing with others.