5 FREE Tips: Facebook tips you can use RIGHT NOW!

Developing and maintaining an amazing social media presence requires the mastery of many skills.  Having a decent social media presence boils down to executing the basics.  I have compiled this list of five tips that you can implement TODAY to make it look like you know what you are doing and provide you a solid foundation for your Facebook future.

1.) Create a schedule.

This sounds silly and very basic, however the amount of people who operate a Facebook Page without a schedule would amaze you.  Your schedule can be as simple as hand written notes on printed out calendar, or as complex and technical as a company wide shared calendar in Google Drive. Any option serves the same purpose; to save you time by assigning focused tasks and ideas.  It doesn't matter whether you plan on posting twice a week, or three times per day, you need a calendar (monthly works best).

2.) Have a place to collect content.

Again, this is a very basic practice, yet incredibly under utilized.  Many of us spend hours each week browsing the internet and emails digesting information about our industries and interests.  Collecting this information as you read it for use in the future is referred to as aggregating. You can save links to webpages, blogs, or articles. You can download images, white papers, and videos.  Create a simple folder on your desktop or cloud drive where you can collect all the information you find interesting for easy access later. Odds are if you found it pertinent and interesting, someone else will too!  You can never aggregate too much content, you always want a big reserve for those days when you just can't think of anything worth posting.

3.) Keep it short and sweet.

There is nothing that turns off fans like 1,000 character rants.  People just don't have the attentions spans anymore!  Keep your Facebook posts under 200 characters for sure, under 150 is even better.  Social and viral marketing is most often driven by curiosity.  Post too much and the curiosity and need to learn more is gone.  Let people know what you want to tell them and if you need more space provide a clear link to the information.  People like simple.  People engage with simple. People share simple.

4.) Post when people are listening.

In a previous blog I explained how simple it is to use Facebook Insights to see when your fans are online.  If you need a refresher, you can find that post here.  It doesn't matter how brilliant and captivating your content is if there is nobody around to see it!  Nothing frustrates me more than watching pages post content at 9:45 a.m. knowing 80% of their fan base is at work with their ability to interact handicapped by a number of factors. Marketing is, and always will be a numbers game.  Expose your message to the greatest number of potential customers as possible at the lowest cost possible is the recipe for success no matter what medium you are using.

5.) Be consistent.

Facebook and other social media marketing is about creating an identity.  Fostering a brand and a voice to effectively deliver your content and encourage relationships with people is the name of the game.  You do not want your identity to be a bipolar with multiple personality disorder.  You want a clear consistent voice, delivering high quality content at predictable intervals.  People are creatures of habit, cater to their need for regularity.


Everyone who reads my blog has a different understanding and ability level when it comes to Facebook. Most of you reading know that you should be utilizing Facebook for your brand, business, community, government, or cause.  A great deal of you are utilizing Facebook already.

Many of you aren't quite ready to cough up the money to hire a social media consultant or consulting company, so you find yourself on blogs like mine trying to piece together as much free information as you can to help you on your way and kudos to you!  I genuinely mean that.  There are tons of good information out there to give you an edge in developing and managing your own social media.  Most of it is FREE!  The trick is sorting through it, and putting it into practice.

So keep coming back, and I will keep the free advice flowing!