Don't post naked: More FREE tips for Facebook business page newbies...

Alright...if you can simultaneously update your status, take a selfie, create an event, check-in at a restaurant, and hashtag your wine selection this blog isn't targeting you. I mean, you're welcome to read on, just know that well versed Facebook users are not my target audience.

Who I really want to talk to are the small business owners who have made the effort to create a Facebook business page. They have made a commitment to post content. You folks who have your hearts in the right place with your semi-regular posts of happy hour specials at 10:13 p.m., your links to industry articles at 2:07 a.m., and your photos of your newest product at 1:47 p.m., you are who I want to talk to. You're not the most fluent of social users, however, you want to learn.

You're making the effort and you're putting your face out there, now how do you make it BETTER? You have to learn how to use the most basic, yet incredibly powerful feature on your business page; "INSIGHTS." You will find it right here:

Odds are what you see on your page afterwords overwhelms you. Graphs, and percentages, and words like "reach" and "engagement" come popping out of the screen like an Ancient Egyptian glyph. Now, it's time you start to understand them, in turn unlocking the potential they provide your business.

This blog will be the first in a series of blogs I will post explaining many of the basic "insights" on your business page and how to interpret them to increase the impact of your posts. I will try to focus on only one "insight" per blog to keep things easily digestible and to give you a chance to study up between posts.

Being as this blog is already beyond average length, we will start with a simple and easy to understand "insight" provided to you by Facebook. After you click on the "See Insights" button shown above, click the "Posts" button here:

By default this button will bring you to a screen that looks like the one above. What we are seeing are the days of the week and times of day YOUR fans are being exposed to YOUR content. In the example above, exposure is spread pretty evenly across the days of the week averaging about 4,800 each day. What isn't even is the time of day in which posts are reaching fans. As you can see, there is a noticeable "peak" at 9 p.m. which is when fans are the most active, and a "valley" at 4 a.m. when fans are least active.

Now your graphs will look different, but the takeaways are the same. You need to be active when your fans are active. You wouldn't waste money on a radio commercial when you know people aren't listening right? Don't waste your time and content on social media when your fans aren't paying attention! Use these "Post" analytics to determine when to share your content.

So, dig in. Click that scary button that says "See Insights" and be sure to follow the rest of our blog series to gain some knowledge about the other information you have access to on your Facebook business page. You have made the effort to create content, now let's make sure the content you created reaches the biggest and best audience! Don't post naked.