Social media...find it NOW in your grocers freezer!

You cannot bring your business to social media expecting to simply harvest customers from the billions of people on these platforms. People are asked by hundreds if not thousands of companies every day to part with their hard earned money for a product they are pedaling. Trust me, your pitch isn't that much better than theirs.

It’s noise, all of it. People learn to tune it out, just like banner ads and pop-ups. If you are simply going to pester them to buy-buy-buy, don’t expect results. Success comes from cutting through the noise; you must give before your take.

Start thinking of a social media feed as a grocery store. In a grocery store you have thousands of brands, many of them competing with the same products, all having the same amount of shelf space, more often than not sitting inches from their biggest competitor. Now, you can snag yourself and end-cap by spending some extra money, which might a help a little bit. To really set yourself apart though…you want to be featured on FREE SAMPLE DAY! You want people to taste your product with no commitment. “Here is our product, we think it’s so great we are going to let you try it for free and let it sell itself.” You want THAT connection.

Social media is no different than that grocery store. There are thousands of businesses and companies pushing their products. Everyone is entitled to the same news feed algorithm (shelf space). Your message is located within a couple hundred pixels, at the most, of another product. You can gamble on buying ad space in news feeds or side-bars, which can drive more traffic (end-caps). How do you truly set yourself apart though? You GIVE. You offer samples of your knowledge. You give people ways to differentiate you from others. You give people something to talk about and share. Every day is FREE SAMPLE DAY! You show them something for free and establish a relationship as a trusted contributor. You give, so that when you ask for the sale, they aren't buying, they are returning the favor. Give, so that you may take.

Give it a try. Start giving. See how it works for you. You will gain respect and a captive audience, if you don’t…well… if you can’t give it away, how in the world can you expect to sell it?