Hub and spokes: Expand and unify your company's LinkedIn image

The time has come to make it mandatory for your entire staff to be present and active on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the only social media platform on which nearly half of the members pay for premium access. That means they’re serious. From CEO to account executives, department secretaries to personal bankers, cashiers to janitorial staff, they all need to have a presence. Their participation is valuable, very valuable.

Give everyone the help they need to create a top-notch profile. Everyone on staff will have a different comfort level with LinkedIn. Pull together images, files, and links you want them to use in their profile. Create an easy to follow template and assign a qualified staff member to review each profile. Bring in a photographer to make sure everyone has a professional looking profile photo that portrays your company’s image. These profiles are your employees’ digital uniforms, make them look sharp.

Do you have a company LinkedIn page yet? If not, it’s time to create one. A company page is an ideal place for employees to access and share content endorsed by their employer. Assign someone the task of making sure there is at least one piece of new content on your company LinkedIn page daily. This content can be about products, services, team-building, staff appreciation, upcoming events etc. Your company’s LinkedIn page can act as your “hub,” connecting all of your ”spokes.”

Make them use it. Encourage workers to be on LinkedIn during business hours. Create company policy that requires 10-20 minutes of interaction via LinkedIn each day. Make it policy that content from the company page must be shared 5 days per week. Work with employees to further their understanding of LinkedIn. Show them how to connect to their email contacts. Have weekly lunch meetings to help those who need a little extra tutoring. Don’t let “I don’t know how” or “I don’t understand it” be an excuse.

Social Media has become your company’s second store front. Take the time to craft it in the light you wish to be seen. Make sure your company page and employee pages project the professionalism (or lack thereof), that you are known for. Give potential clients and customers a reason to choose you over everyone else.

If you aren't a decision maker where you work, forward, share, or otherwise draw your superior’s attention to this article. It benefits everyone.