Putting family first is not bad business...

A few weeks back I happened across a conversation on a local business Facebook page where the owner of the business was taking some heat for being closed on Black Friday and Small Business Saturday. This business was not some national or regional brand. It was a Main Street, "Mom & Pop" style business that employs between 15-20 people. Reading the posts got me to thinking, "can putting family first ever be wrong?"

Our firm is small, about as small as you can get in reality. With only two full-time employees, some part-time help, and a couple handfuls of subcontractors we work with...we have a very small employee footprint. This small atmosphere makes us feel like family (some of us are family). During the holidays, with children and families in three corners of the state, and some across the country, spending time with everyone who is important becomes a logistics puzzle fit for a NASA analyst.

In this always on 24/7, consumer-centric, monetize everything, "I want it now or else" economy that mobile broadband and the marketing powerhouses of the world have built; I have to say it is refreshing to see a business shut-down for a few days to give their employees time with their families.

I know our business will be allowing everyone to put family first over the next 2 weeks. If you are a small business owner, we know it is hard to miss out on a few $$. However, I can just about assure you that the majority of your customers will accept and respect you valuing your employees.

This holiday season, be the boss who has the biggest heart. Be the leader of your company that says, "take the extra day off to be with your family." Be the company whose out-of-office responses say "during this special time of year our company believes that family and giving are more important than making money, we look forward to earning your business and serving your needs after our holiday celebrations."

I can guarantee that seeing or hearing that will earn you my business, and my referrals for years to come.