Don't be a Negative Nancy...EVER

Whether you are on the East Coast, West Coast, Down South, or Midwest the media is nearly identical. Our daily intake of information is predominantly negative; so much in fact, that we as a culture and society have become conditioned to it. You may be asking yourself, “What does this have to do with social media?” It’s simple; marketing is about differentiation.

If you are a small business, a politician, or a public personality and all of your competition is relaying the same information, often negative, that mass media is spewing isn't there a simple solution? Sadly, people are so conditioned to news about deaths, accidents, and economic blight we have an uncanny ability to tune it out. As a personality or brand, you want to separate yourself from the crowd. Create an identity by cutting through the clutter.

What is the simple solution? Take the opportunity to spin positive. That’s right, even if it isn't the popular side of a story; the positive story has a substantially more impactful presence in the social media world. Instead of talking about the local athlete who got in trouble with the law, or the opposing politician whose decisions are letting a sex offender out of prison, talk about the local non-profit who is helping families during the holidays. Being positive is just as easy, and far more original than being negative. Our communities and organizations are filled with people doing well. Those good deeds are social media gold.

This isn't unfounded advice. The statistics back up everything I am saying. You have to look no further than your personal Facebook Newsfeed. Scroll through and compare the popularity of posts about wedding dances, feel good high school sports highlights, and people helping homeless veterans to those posts about hate crimes, and political attack ads. Do you notice anything? That’s right…people gravitate towards positive.

No matter how negative people are portrayed, the fact remains that the human race is inherently positive. We subconsciously gravitate towards positive stories, because we as humans want to believe that we are “good people,” and not the negativity we see in mass media. Capitalize on human nature, post positive, all the time, without fail. You will reap the rewards of added exposure and as a bonus remove yourself from the social media suicide of being on the wrong side of a controversial issue.

There is power in being positive.