4 Quick Instagram Tips

Social media is a powerful and cost-effective tool to market and brand yourself, and it’s only getting bigger. Between Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and many others, there is no shortage of ways companies can engage with prospective clients.  Each social media outlet has different best practices to create the most engagement and following. Instagram is a relatively new social media avenue that companies have started utilizing, but many are confused on how to utilize it the correct way.

Below are some quick tips to keep in mind when using Instagram to promote your brand:.

  1. Use High Quality Images. Pictures that are visually stunning and of high-quality (no less than 1080 x 1080 pixels) always capture better results. It looks unprofessional to post grainy and blurry pictures. Make sure to utilize necessary editing software programs to prevent amateur pictures that ultimately hurt your image. The end goal of Instagram is building a quality and engaged following; you will never get quality followers if you are not posting quality pictures.

  2. Post Relevant Content. Images used should be relevant to your brand and image, and add to the story you are trying to tell. Make sure your pictures have a purpose and convey the idea your business wants.

  3. Engage. While posting pictures is great, it is equally as important to engage with your followers. Instagram provides an easy way for companies to engage with their followers. It is important to take time and scroll through your feed commenting and liking other pictures, in addition to searching check-ins and hashtags when applicable.. By creating these relationships with other profiles, it opens the door for cross promotion and further social media traffic.

  4. Utilize #Hashtags. Many think hashtags are just a fun social media fad, however they serve as an important connecting tool. Hashtags are a search tool, by getting creative and even using company specific hashtags, you can leverage your marketing. Monitoring your hashtags is important; by learning which hashtags get you noticed by your target demographic, it increases traffic and views on your profile. Unlike Twitter which gives users a 140 character limit, Instagram has no character limit. Feel free to be liberal in your hashtag use, the more hashtag options, the more opportunity for increased company exposure. Basically, the more the merrier!

Once thought of as a passing fad of younger generations, Instagram has cemented itself as one of the premier social media platforms for businesses. Take these tips, and some time to learn the platform, it has the potential to pay huge dividends.