Building or expanding a business should be rewarded.


You are not only investing in your business, you are investing in a community.  You are increasing the tax base, creating jobs, and bringing money to surrounding businesses.  For that reason, we think you should be rewarded.  Decklan Group makes sure the path to growth is smoother, and that you benefit from all incentives available to you.  


Workforce development. Education grants. Training incentives.  Call them whatever you like. 


Decklan Group is the best at making sure you get your hands on those dollars.  As a way to address the skills gap in our current workforce, incentives have been created to foster investment in employee education.  We work closely with local high-schools, technical colleges, and universities to match state and federal money with your needs.  Contact us to learn more.


Stand out by coming together.


Working with well known and highly credentialed branding firm Chandlerthinks, our firm helps develop a cohesive branding identity and implementation plan.   Together these elements deliver a strong image that helps communities attract and retain residents and businesses.


Elk River

Powered By Nature

A third tier suburb of Minneapolis, Elk River was looking for a way to bring the community together and stand behind one message.  The brand has been embraced by local businesses, civic organizations, and residents alike.  The city's new business parks deliver on the brand promise.

Marshall County

The South's Great Lake

A mostly rural county with one of our country's most impressive bodies of water to call it's own.  Marshall County wanted to bring it's diverse elements together to help grow both its economic development, as well as it's travel and tourism.



The comfortable corner of the north shore

The Village of Northfield has a long and unique history.  It's location in the heart of Chicago's storied North Shore makes it part of a greater whole.  Northfield wanted to establish a sincere message that delivers relevancy while celebrating it's traditions and values.


Still Pioneering

With one of the state's major universities, and an eclectic demographic, Stillwater wanted to lay claim to a larger-than-life brand that people of all ages and backgrounds could support. Many voices at the same time are noise, those voices in unison are a message.

Social media. Websites. Landing pages. Sales processes. Sales automation.


At Decklan Group we have a knack for finding ways to elevate your business.  Whether it is through smarter marketing, a global change in marketing strategy, the refinement of your sales process, or integrating sales and follow-up automation; we are the second set of eyes and expertise to push you higher, further, and faster.